waiting in Phnom Penh

Random thoughts and pleasant memories.
Written while waiting in Phnom Penh airport – have to put free WiFi to good use, right? Unfortunatally when I wanted to post this, my connection fell to pieces. So here it is, a few days later.
– riding with Frida from Denmark, Mike from Kenya and the hostel owner in the back of a friend’s pickup to go to a local place to eat
– riding an elephant – all by myself and without howdah!
– when leaving the guesthouse in Siem Reap having Monty Python “bright side of life” played as farewell – also now there’s a 5 ron note on their wall to add to the collection of currencies
– having a lazy late breakfast in Phnom Penh – sweet strong coffee, steak and bean tea (local variant of bubble tea). Total check bin @ 4.5 usd…
– started to use ‘same same’and ‘hot small’in casual talks – my English is same same but different from when I left home…
– starting to get confused on the currencies – Thai baht, Laos kip, Vietnamese dong (yeah…) and of course the Cambodian dollar (US dollar). By the way – it’s funny to receive US dollars at an ATM outside US.
– having a slight start of budgetitis – the state of mind when you start haggling for eveything and deplore the hike in prices brought by Japanese customers. After being spoiled by Laos probably even Thailand will seem expensive. Probably I should avoid traveling in Europe for the following months as I will have a panic attack…
– as much as I dislike shopping, the night market in Luang Prabang is a real gem. Bought a lot of interesting stuff that will probably find no useful purpose
– traffic in Phnom Penh is insane. Having to cross a boulevard while keeping an eye on all the bikes, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and Lexuses was giving me a headache. No streetlights or zebras make crossing the street adventurous.
– next time I get to SE Asia (probably next year 😉 ) I will come prepared with a t-shirt that reads “no, i do NOT want a tuk-tuk! I can WALK thankyouverymuch”

And now I should finish my tea and go to board the plane!

…which obviously I did, as now I am in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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