the trip so far

Chichen Itza in black and whiteI think I am around at the half of the trip (time does seem to fly…), so here are some quick thoughts of the trip so far.

I arrived in Ciudad de Mexico – a huge great city, where I started to make plans for the next days. Also met some very interesting people and visited the amazing Teotihuacan.

Went to more relaxed Oaxaca – first bus ride (night, just 6 hours). Excellent food, nice people and a daytrip to Monte Alban.

Took a night bus to San Cristobal de Las Casas (11 hours ride), where I took tons of pictures of this amazing little jewel of a town. Slept in a hostel that also had a rock bar (pretty good live music!).

IMG_3744.jpgTour bus to Palenque – on the way stopped at Agua Azul for a refreshing break from regular visiting. Until now Palenque takes the crown in terms of amazing ruins and… heat and mosquitoes. Also I finally got used to flagging ‘collectivos’ to get to interesting places.

Second class bus (no more riding in fridges- yay! – another 11 hours night ride – not yay) to Tulum. Where I am actually located for the moment.

I hate mosquitoes – they are everywhere and they bite like hell.

I realized that SPF 15 cream is mild here. Tropical sun and altitudes of 2100m do not mix well with my back and neck.

Caribbean beaches – small huts on the beach, bars (less developed than in Vama Veche even) playing raggae, palms, blinding-white sand and the most azurest (yeah, I invented that) water. I could see myself sleeping in a hammock in a hut for a few days / weeks… Spending the afternoon with great people was just the icing.

So, until now, the Mexico trip proved to be an amazing experience. Cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Probably a day or two more in Tulum, then CHichen Itza, Merida, Campeche…will see.

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