the bicycle obsession

bicycles around the world - a great photo project
Taking photos of bicycles around the world can be a great photo project.
Do all photographers have a pet obsession? Your cat maybe? Or interesting windows? Or – i think this is a phase in every female photog life – pictures of the feet.

After a few tens of thousands of photos I can safely say that I have a few obsessions of mine. I can no longer call them ‘pet’ as they are pretty adult, as obsessions go.

One of them – as you probably found from the picture on the right – is taking pictures of bicycles.

Preferably old, or decorated / painted in interesting colors, and places in interesting surroundings. I do not know why – I have not ridden a bicycle in about 2 years, so it has no relationship to other hobbies. Of course I can rationalize about hidden meanings – movement, age of things, clean and responsible traffic – but I know that when I see a bike I just take the camera.

Shoot first, think later.



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