Quechua 2seconds tent – my impressions

Last weekend I first took my new tent to the seaside, in Vama Veche. I bought it one month ago from Decathlon, and with the first occasion I tried it.

Fortunately for me, yet unfortunately for testing the tent, the weather was pretty good. Two hours of rain do not pose a great challenge to a good tent, so I have no idea how it will behave in a storm or heavy rain. Of course, I would prefer not to have to find out!

The 2 seconds time advertised for setting up is a bit misleading. While the tent does take only 2 seconds to fully pitch, it will probably take close to 5 minutes to take it out of the carrying case and to stake it down. However, it is impressive. I can manage to pitch it in complete darkness and after consuming a few beers (which usually is the case in Vama Veche).

Taking it down though on Sunday proved far trickier. Only the first time it is confusing, as now I can do it very quickly. Or so I hope. I was almost ready to search for someone on the beach with the same kind of tent to help me. But my patience paid off, and after I looked at the schematics in all possible ways I finally managed to do a proper job.

The tent is very spacious (I bought the 2 persons kind, so it better be spacious for 1 person!), it has a lot of nice features like pockets, ceiling hook for a flashlight, ventilation window, and so on. The greatest improvement from my last tent is the double canvas. This really protects against sand and especially rain and humidity.

My greatest complaint – and probably the greatest flaw – is the fact that it is pretty hard to carry the disc. When the tent is stored it has the shape of a 62cm disc. It is pretty hard to carry on the backpack, and would prove cumbersome to carry when mountain climbing (if not downright dangerous). On the plus side, it allows one to act out scenes from “300“. It’s tempting to carry the disc as shield and coarsely yell “this is Sparta”. It could be marketed as a special feature for fans.

For people looking for a seaside or festival tent, this can be a great product. For someone who intends to use it while mountaineering there are better choices. I expect though that after a few weekends carrying it I will find ways to make it less annoying.

I am extremely pleased with it, and I can’t wait to test it in other settings – maybe Sighisoara or Coke festival and also in Bucegi.


  • easy to set-up – it actually does it by itself
  • cheap for a well done tent
  • moderately light for a tent that has a special construction
  • good looking (I got the dark gray / light green kind) and one can chose from several models


  • cumbersome to carry around
  • it is not well suited for mountain climbing (for more than one reason)

Next time I will use it, I will add some pictures with it. Maybe even a short video if I find a willing camera operator.

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