northern Thailand – Chiang Mai

blue tuk-tuk taxi stopped in front of a temple in Chiang MaiChiang Mai is small town in northern Thailand, famous for the many activities one can do. From elephant riding, trekking, rafting, visiting the tiger zoo to enjoying the many markets and strolling the old town.

And of course you cannot skip the many temples in the old town. When I left for Asia I was thinking that all the temples will look mostly similar. Yet I couldn’t be further away from the truth! It’s such an amazing variety, that I never suffered from “temple fatigue”.

The days I spent in Chiang Mai were split between a short trek to an elephant camp – were I enjoyed riding the huge beasts (great fun), visiting the main city and going to Doi Suthep (one of the larger temples in Thailand and definitely a sight to behold). Today’s photos are from the Chiang Mai proper, with elephant pictures and Doi Suthep coming the next days.

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