leaving Laos

young Buddhist monks on a hot day in Luang PrabangThis is the last photo gallery from Laos – images from Luang Prabang street life, temples and life on the river. The last pictures are taken from the airplane, leaving for  Siem Reap. Previous galleries from laos can be found here and here.

Enjoy the photos. Laos is an amazing destination, with friendly people, beautiful places and a certain French air. Also some of the best coffee I ever drank (second only to Vietnam’s finest).

Laos is one of the smaller countries in the region, yet it managed to really amaze me. Luang Prabang has a relaxed rhythm and the best night market I found. A real pleasure to stroll around stalls with handicrafts, even if not buying. The old colonial French buildings, and the large number of French signs, give an air of unassuming sophistication. I have never seen so many beautiful guesthouses, cafes and restaurants in such a small town. It’s no wonder that Luang Prabang is on the UNESCO heritage list. Last but not least, walking on unpaved roads, exchanging ‘goodmornings’ with young monks and schoolchildren, and enjoying fruit juice in a plastic bag (delicious by the way) has a certain charm, lacking in the larger cities of the region.

For a holiday away from holiday place, Laos is a wonderful choice.

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