learning to slow down in Vama Veche

old wooden door at Cherhana (Vama Veche)
old wooden door at Cherhana (Vama Veche)
There is a saying that in order to better experience a place you have to slow down. The more I try to fit as many things in as little time as possible, the more I become frustrated and tired.
Of course, like any good advice, I generally ignore the ‘slow-down’ advice. How can I stop and relax when there are so many interesting things going on? When I visit another country – be it an exotic place or close to home – I am usually in a frenzy to see as much as possible. Whether I shoot 800 pictures or cram 3 museums in a day, I start to burn out after a few days.

Knowing that when travelling abroad I usually dismiss ‘slowing down’, I decided that maybe a whole week in Vama Veche would prove a good occasion to try and well…..slow down. I have to say that by the end of the second weekend I really felt relaxed and at peace. I usually scoff at terms like ‘regenerating experience’ – but staying on the beach, enjoying a few beers with friends does come close. And how could I not be relaxed when the hardest thing in a day was decide what and where to eat?

And for the first time I actually managed to even take some photos at Vama Veche. This was another pet peeve of mine – because of lightning-fast weekend getaways, I never managed to use my camera.

The point of this post? Beside showing a few photos and distracting you on a weekday morning? Maybe you should also try to slow down  whether travelling or vacationing.

seashells in Vama veche | Fuji X10 seashells in Vama veche | Fuji X10 old wooden door at Cherhana in vama veche | Fuji X10 Cherhana in vama veche - best seafood in the village | Fuji X10 dandelion close-up dandelion close-up 20120721-DSCF5312.jpg old boat in Vama Veche quiet pub at the end of the resort relaxed reading in Vama Veche pub at the north-end of the resort quiet pub at the north end of the resort overhead view of Vama Veche | Fuji X10 clothes pins seashells close-up with the Black Sea in the background | Fuji X10

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