last photo gallery from Bruxelles

comic book characters at a Belgian little bar
Belgian beers, comic book characters, old Europe charm, pleasant weather, and friendly people. What is not to like about Belgium and especially Bruxelles?
These are the last photos from Bruxelles, a mix of black & white and color photography.  As usual I am way behind in posting the photos from my trip (nothing new here).

I hope you enjoy all these pictures, and maybe even visit Belgium because of this. I have to say that before the trip to Belgium I knew very little – what to expect, what to do, what to see – but Belgium was a series of nice surprises. Of course I was prepared for the onslaught of  great beers – I am referring to touristic places to see.

The unfortunate lesson from this trip is that it seems I travel better alone. I do try to experiment – going with a group of friends, joining people on the road, sometimes I sin and go on an organized tour, and other times I go with someone from Romania. Well, when personalities clash and the things that 2 people enjoy are very different traveling can become a chore. While it was not very bad – next time I will surely try to screen better a travel partner. It is very possible that I am so used to be on my own that even small things chafe. C’est la vie – and my vacation is “sacred” 🙂

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