Granada and Alhambra

small pond in the Alhambra complex
small pond in the Alhambra complex

I think Spain is one of the greatest places to visit – and it can offer photographic gems for several trips. While I have in the past visited Madrid, Toledo, Aranjuez, Barcelona and a few other places, until this summer I had never visited southern Spain. But it was about time.

For one week I did a short tour in Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla – and then continued to Lisbon. One of the most famous monuments in Spain is Alhambra, and indeed it is an amazing place for photography. Even though I arrived in Granada at noon, after a long-ish bus ride from Madrid, I did manage to visit the city a bit and spend several hours in Alhambra.

A word of advice – Spain in summer is grueling hot. Walking in the afternoon sun is pretty harsh. Even if the light was not the greatest for photography, I did manage to take some good photos.. Enjoy!




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