digital nomad – a talk at radio Lynx

at Radio Lynx
Radio Lynx has a weekly radio show about everything new digital – from gaming, computers, consoles and of course travel and photography.
This is an older talk I had at radio Lynx – Romanian online radio – which I didn’t find the time to post here.

The information is pretty basic, but some of the ideas might prove interesting even to seasoned travelers. More and more people chose to carry a laptop or at least a digital camera when on holidays. The subject of storage space, useful software, web sites and other aspects of the digital life becomes very interesting. (video after the break – in Romanian only)

Having a laptop (or preferably it’s little brother – the netbook) and finding a WiFi network opens a lot of possibilities. It became second nature for me to order flight tickets, research train and bus timetables, make reservations through hostelbookers or hostelworld and generally do a lot of research on the go.

But of course, this is not for everyone – it’s is incredibly easy to find an internet cafe even in the most remote areas. And I do acknowledge that not being “connected” is liberating.

So what is your preference when on holidays? Digital nomad or off the grid? Facebook, Picasa, Foursquare each day or the weekly “I’m well” e-mail? There are pros and cons to each way of approaching this subject.

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