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What Venice lacks in color (but makes up in the grandeur of the Gran Canale palaces), Burano makes up for it. Whether the colors were chosen to attract the crowds of tourists, or because all the happy Italians moved to Burano I do not know. Of course, it is also possible that one painter was tripping so bad that he colored his house pink. And the rest just followed. But whatever the reason for the children-book themed colors, Burano is a very joyful and nice place. While lacking the tragic majesty of Venice proper, it more than makes up for it. If I were to get back to the Venice area, I would go again on a photo trip to Burano.

photos from Burano island - a colour paradise for photographers
photos from Burano island – a colour paradise for photographers

The best way to visit this island – which is pretty small, so 3 or 4 hours visiting should be enough – is to get a 12 hours (or more) boat pass. With it one can get to Murano (slightly disappointing), Burano, Torcevello, Giudeca (haven’t been there unfortunately) and of course it is also possible to catch a boat that plies the Gran Canale. Again. And again.

In the same tone of the last post (the one with umbrellas) – I would say that a covered sky (preferably rainy) is perfect for this kind of joyful colorful setting. While it may seem counter intuitive – it is best to have a uniform, gentle light instead of a midday Sun. Too much light and all these nice colors would become washed out. Of course, even better would’ve been some godrays or a rainbow. But the beauty of this place – and the joy one feels surrounded by so much colors – is enough to make some very nice photos.

All the pictures were taken with the Fuji X10, which for a long time was my travel camera. You can read my review of the Fuji X10 here.



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