IMG_6191.jpgBangkok is a very interesting city for a tourist. It is the gateway to Asia, so sooner or later everyone arrives here. Some will leave the city as quickly as possible, and some will stay longer. Besides the heat, air pollution, traffic and the annoying distances between the interesting places, Bangkok has a lot to offer.

From the amazing Royal Palace, which can take the better part of a day to fully visit to the beautiful temples, and from a cruise on the river to people watching from a bar on Sukhumvit there is something for everyone. And of course, there are the famous places like Khao San Rd or Nana Plaza, and shopping opportunities for every taste.

And of course, there are countless massage places, go-go bars, clubs, beer bars and a general nice party atmosphere. One cannot survive in a city so big without a healthy doze of ‘sanuk’or fun.

Enjoy the photos – and there are some tips after the gallery.

I stayed in Bangkok at the beginning of November, and here are some of my thoughts and findings about the city:

  • the food – be it from the little street stalls or the countless little restaurants scattered everywhere – is amazing. I especially liked pad thai and my favourite yom tom.
  • at first it seems confusing, but you adapt pretty quickly – in Thailand people drive on the left of the road
  • no need, especially when traveling alone, to take a cab to/from the airport. From the airport one can take the Express buses which serve most areas with hotels or hostels. To the airport I took the public bus 552 from the On Nut BTS station. Which brings me to…
  • the BTS – or better known as Skytrain – is the (not quite complete) best way to get around Bangkok. It is fast, cannot get stuck in the traffic jams and it has AC (actually it feels like a freezer)
  • a boat trip on the river – even with the express boat – is a great experience
  • while at first it might seem a great idea, Khao San Rd is not the best place for accommodations, except if you really want to live “the Beach”experience
  • maybe the most important advice – which is also prominently featured in Lonely Planet – the Royal Palace is not closed. Nor is there such a thing as “thai only day”. And even if you arrive in shorts, they have pants, skirts and shirts for rent so neither is this a good reason for not gaining admittance. The number of scams starting at the Royal Palace is amazing.

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