a stroll in Madrid

I must say that Madrid is amazing in the evening / at night. There are so many people strolling, drinking at cafes or bars, preparing for clubbing – it’s really incredible. At times the streets or plazas were crowded!

You can see some first photos in this album: http://andreinicoara.com/blog/photos/madrid/

delicious-looking freshmade bread
delicious-looking freshmade bread

I found a small open-air market selling local products – some kind of peasants’ market.

Pretty interesting, and even though I am not into healthy food I could not resist a glass of cider.

After this, I continued my way toward Plaza Mayor and Palacio Real, which were my first targets for the evening.

img_1628img_1647As the evening progressed my camera started to have problems with the low-light levels. And oh, the photo oportunities were at every step.

I finished the evening in Plaza del Sol, which is in a way the heart of Madrid. There was a huge crowd – amazing how life here seems to start after 8 or 9 pm.

I ate a kebab on the move, as I was too tired to enjoy staying at a cafe, but I could not resist going to the mothership of icecream. Yes, Haagen Dasz. Umm, delicious – however this morning my throat is a bit sore. Hope it passes soon.

Speaking of party life here, I sort of met my room-mates. Actually I found them sound asleep at 9 pm, but later they left for drinks and clubbing.

And now I leave, probably for Prado. In the meantime, enjoy the first Madrid photo-album.

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