3 short video clips shot in Beijing

Before I write a more consistent blog post, probably with some photos as well, I wanted to share these 3 short video clips I had around. The quality is not great, but they are somewhat interesting.

The first video was shot on the last day I spent in Beijing, at the famous Lama temple. It is a moving prayer wheel, which Buddhist believers use to spin thus giving life to the prayer written on the wheel. The second video was also shot in Beijing, this time in Beihan park. The park had a lot of people singing, dancing and playing a lot of games. I went there on a weekend day, and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

The last video – shot at the Temple of Heaven – is of a group of people forming an impromptu orchestra. A lot of people joined as the music went on, either participating in singing or just enjoying the music.

There were a lot of sights and sounds that I could capture in video, however most of the times I either didn’t have the little digital camera with me, or I first thought in photographic terms and only as an afterthought in video terms.

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