Tulum – and on the way to Merida

Maya ruins in TulumThe vacation within the vacation is over. My 3 day stay in Tulum is over, and now I am in Merida missing the beach.

Tulum is a backpacker hangout near the Caribbean, famous for cenote diving and snorkeling, for  Mayan ruins, and for it’s proximity to Isla Cozumel (one of the diving paradises on Earth). My lack of diving experience allowed me only to snorkel (still amazing – very eerie to snorkel in a cave) and to also swim with sea turtles and all the cast from ‘Finding Nemo’ who inhabit a reef nearby.

I did not get the occasion to sleep in a hut on the beach (“cabanha”), but that will probably happen sometime as it seems a really nice experience.

From yesterday I am in the town of Merida, a starting point for trips to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and othe less known ones. It’s going to be a very full schedule the next couple of days!

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