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the theater in Pompeii

Pompeii pictures and travel information

A Pompeii visit is easy to do from Naples or Rome. A city frozen in time after the volcanic eruption in AD 79. That year Mount Vesuvius erupted after a series of earthquakes, and Pompeii and the nearby Herculaneum were the victims. Ironically the eruption on August 24th was just …

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tourist looking lost in Venice - with map and suitcases

how to spot the tourist

I find this photo very endearing, as it embodies a lot of the stereotypes about tourists. Looking somewhat lost, carnying a few bags, staring …

statues left in a small courtyard at museum in Venice

the left out statues

All museums have a lot of art that is never seen by the public. This is the working clay for thematic exhibitions, …

photo of an old lady in Venice - photographs local people

people in Venice

People and street photography – while not my strong points – are two areas I try to touch on every trip.

gondolas in Venice - iconic image of the Italian tourist town

canals of Venice

Photography in Venice, Italy, is a real pleasure. The maze of canals and narrow streets, little restaurants and shops, the splendour of …

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colorful Sibiu

Slow day photo wise, but I did find a very nice image I took in Sibiu. I really enjoyed the beautiful colors …

goodbye to summer

Officially the summer is over since September 1st. However, only today really feels like autumn is here. Rain – clouds – sleeping …

small pond in the Alhambra complex

Granada and Alhambra

I think Spain is one of the greatest places to visit – and it can offer photographic gems for several trips. While …