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the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra, India

the Taj Mahal travel photos and information

When most people think of India, the first image that comes to mind is that of the beautiful Taj Mahal. India travel guidebooks have the iconic photo of the Taj Mahal on their cover. When I prepared my trip to India, the Taj Mahal was the first destination people advised …

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little girl rowing on Inle Lake - life on lake villages

life on Inle Lake

Nearby Mandalay, in the middle of Myanmar, lies Inle Lake. This is a pretty large, shallow  body of water, that supports the …

young Buddhist monks enjoying sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

portraits from Myanmar (part 5)

Buddhist monks at a temple – probably one of the most photographed scenes. Add a bit of sunset and sprinkle with some shallow …

sunset photo at the amazing temples in Bagan

sunset at Bagan

Bagan in Myanmar is every photographer’s dream. On an area no larger than 40sq km there are thousands of temples. I think …

peasant riding an ox-cart in Myanmar

portrait from Myanmar (part 2)

I took countless photos of people from Myanmar – from children, field workers, monks, people on the streets of Yangon – everywhere …

portrait of children discovering photography (Myanmar, 2011)

portraits in Myanmar

This is the beginning of a short series of photos I took in Myanmar, especially portraits of people.  

the open air aviary in Kuala Lumpur is a giant park where birds can roam free (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2011)

Kuala Lumpur bird park

I am not the greatest bird fan – but how could I say no to visiting the largest open aviary in the …

getting the Myanmar visa

Burma – a place with a name that conjures magic images. From Schwedagon Paya to Bagan, Mandalay and Rangoon, Myanmar has a …


biking in Ayuthaya

Ayuthaya – the old Thai capital – is just 1h30 by train from Bangkok. So after a morning spent at the Myanmar …

sailing into sunset

sailing into sunset

Another photo from Sri Lanka, again with a boat at sunset. I see a pattern here: depressing autumn outside – and I …


cup of tea in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for it’s tea plantations. In the central highlands in Sri Lanka there are huge hill slopes covered in …


spicy India

Every time I browse these photos I remember fondly the delicious food from India. From yummy vegetarian food to different curries, everything …


India – photos from Goa

I took so many photos in India, that probably this year I will continue to post photo albums from time to time. …