the last day in Paris

IMG_5954.jpgThis Sunday I returned from the oh-too-short trip to Paris, and now I can post the last pictures from the “City of Lights”. I found it very unpleasant that the weather was great while I was in a meeting room and got bad when I started to roam the city.

However – wind, cold and occasional rains didn’t stop me from using the camera to try to capture Paris in autumn. This being my third time in Paris I was more looking to roam the streets and just enjoy a stroll. Enjoy the photo gallery!

Some of the highlights of the trip:

  • taking a walk in Quartier Latin, and people-watching while sitting at a cafe
  • browsing 3 art galleries (from the countless present) in St Germain quarter
  • visiting St Denis basilica, the burial place of French monarchy
  • Chateau de Vincennes, with it’s interesting fortress – which was used to “house” (read: imprison) the Marquis de Sade amongst others (this was before the Bastille became the lodging place for important prisoners)
  • a short visit to the Quai de Branly museum, which houses current art from Africa or Asia and also temporary exhibitions ( I went to a ‘photography from Iran’)

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