photo challenge: color red

A friend and colleague of mine – Bianca ( – who is also passionate about photography had a great idea of a photo project. Each month (relatively speaking – we are already somewhat late) we should choose a theme and produce around 10 photos related to that specific idea.

red-toned photo of a doll geisha
red-toned photo of a doll geisha

The purpose is two-fold: one is to spur us in producing new images all year long (instead of post processing old content) and to really start a process of making and receiving critique. It’s very nice when I receive a lot of comments about the ‘greatness’ of my photos, but critical observations are harder to come by. And as each photographer has his/her own tinted glasses through which to see the world, it can be very useful to become exposed to other ideas.

Of course one can do this on established online communities (for example the DPReview website has a long established practice of organizing photo challenges), but being critiqued by someone who you know personally can be more rewarding.

For the first challenge – ‘Red’ – this is the photo gallery I prepared. In a later post I will post our winners – which photos we decided are the best from the other gallery.

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