joys of the road


It is said that it is more about the road, the experience, than about the destination. I do not put a lot of weight on these kind of all-encompassing ‘truths’, but I do find that taking things as they come does help.

I think that being very goal-orientated regarding travel can put too much pressure on myself, and at the same time rob me of the moment-to-moment little joys. These help balance out the little annoyances, and in the end the whole experience become a lot more meaningful and complete. Without going too much into the rationale behind how we experience a certain place, and all the little things that can make or break our appreciation of a vacation, I’ll just say that once I started to ‘just flow with it’ I started to enjoy every day a bit more.

I also believe that paying attention to the small things, and enjoying the process instead of being focused on the end result, is very important in photography and probably in a lot of other activities. But this is probably a whole different discussion, and a bit much for a Monday blog post.

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