and I finally joined CouchSurfing phenomenon

A great alternative to staying in hostels – with which I am pretty familiar – I realized that I missed the great CouchSurfing resource. For all these last years I didn’t even bother to create an account on CouchSursfing. But today I rectified this.

The important thing about CouchSurfing is that it offers a lot more than just a couch to sleep in in a foreign country. A lot of people receiving surfers are great guides, and usually they have a lot to tell about their cities. What better way to experience a foreign place than with someone local? Of course the host is not required to babysit a guest – but they do provide a lot of interesting info from history, places to see, places to eat (cheaply) and of course they are very knowledgeable about the current happenings.

After a short  registration process I became the newest member on CouchSurfing
After a short registration process I became the newest member on CouchSurfing

What’s more, the CouchSurfing community is pretty active in a lot of cities – with regular meetings. So as a guest sometimes it’s possible to find a whole support network (may read: party crowd) when arriving in a new city.

Creating the profile is pretty straightforward, as there is integration with  Facebook. It was a bit sad when I received a warning that none of my Facebook have also a CS profile. But maybe I didn’t check it right.

What made me decide to register on CouchSurfing was yet another sweet story about positive experience with this community. My Twitter feed today was filled with these kind of stories. And then I remembered the stories I read on (a great site dedicated to travelling). And so I was sold on the idea. I can’t wait to complete my profile, upload info about my place, go to a CouchSurfing gathering in Bucharest and of course visit a host in another country.

Fun fact: there are several people hosting in Kabul (Afghanistan), but no hostel either on Hostelworld or Hostelbookers. Not that I intend to visit Afghanistan soon…

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