Fuji X magazine: all about the Fuji camera line-up

Fuji launched an online magazine for photographers interested in the Fuji X camera world. The November issue has news about the Fujifilm X-E2 and the September firmware update for the X100, a photo shoot form Lake District in UK, review of the XF 55-200 lens and more.

first issue of Fuji X magazine http://en.fujifilmxmagazine.eu/
first issue of Fuji X magazine


I mostly enjoyed the inspiration article – “what to shoot now” – as I actually am in a bit of a creative pit now. Bleak weather is not my strong inspiration, but some of the ideas from the magazine make me want to grab the camera and go outside and shoot.

Fuji X magazine - inspiration article: what to shoot in November http://en.fujifilmxmagazine.eu/
my favorite article – inspiration: what to shoot in November


The layout of the magazine is tablet-centric, but even on a laptop it feels sleek and easy to use. It can become confusing to “discover” the navigation hints in each article, but I feel the people behind the Fuji X magazine wanted to emphasize the “discovery” process. Some of the articles are somewhat thin – the review of the film simulation modes could use more photo subjects. And the X-E2 article also didn’t impress me too much.

You can access the magazine here http://en.fujifilmxmagazine.eu, and I understand it is also available in Google Play and ITunes store. I am actually eager to see how the magazine evolves, and I hope to see more in-depth articles. The first issue seems a bit light in content, but the November issue makes a great lunch break read.

So if you have already a Fuji X camera (I own the great Fujifilm X-E1), or just think about buying one this magazine is very interesting.

And why not, you can also join the their first photo contest! (the subject is “portraits”).

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