fiesta in Ciudad de Mexico

fiesta participants in Ciudad de Mexico
I arrived in Ciudad de Mexico when the celebrations for “cinco de mayo” were just starting. Parades, handicrafts stalls, concerts and other activities were available all over Mexico City.
Sometimes people look at me somewhat strange when I tell them I have no particular plan when I start traveling. I have a general idea what I want to see, and at one point (morning coffee) I read the guide and make a draft.

And unfortunately this means that a lot of times I do not make an optimized circuit in the city. I might arrive in the same place 2 or 3 times in the same day – and even more if I stay a whole week for example. On the other hand this means that if I do not feel particularly keen on visiting a certain area, I don’t. And it also means that every new place I see I find very interesting and enchanting – after all I had no expectations and sometimes it wasn’t even on the plan.

First day in Ciudad de Mexico was basically a whole chain of surprises (good ones I might add). As last week I couldn’t muster the energy to plan what I want to see here, first day in the city I had no idea what to do. But being Sunday, and me being on holiday, I decided to take it easy and visit the area around Zocalo (historical center in Ciudad de Mexico). Well, it proved to be a pretty good decision – as I managed to “tick” some of the things on my wishlist for every country I visit:

  • I got lost
  • I got hungry and sampled street food (I like eating on the go)
  • saw a concert
  • catch a special event
  • meet some local people
  • sample the local beer
  • and more

And all this because today was the last day of the celebrations for 100 years from the Mexican Revolution. (actually I didn’t get lost because of this, it happened on my own)

So I enjoyed some concerts from Mexican, Columbian and Bolivian bands, saw a parade from some samba/dancing schools, talked with some of the “revelers” and now I have to download 20 gb of photos (no exaggeration).

The pictures will trickle online – probably I will post most after I return. The netbook I carry now with me might do a lot of things, but processing in Lightroom is not it’s strong point. Even browsing the 18mb raw files is an exercise in patience.

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