canals of Venice

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gondolas in Venice - iconic image of the Italian tourist town
gondolas in Venice – iconic image of the Italian tourist town

Photography in Venice, Italy, is a real pleasure. The maze of canals and narrow streets, little restaurants and shops, the splendour of the palaces on the Grand Canale and of course the countless gondolas offer countless opportunities to capture beautiful imagery.

This was my first time staying in Venice. Hitting a city for 3 hours on an organized tour is not really visiting, and so the past weekend was a discovery-filled experience. These are some of the photos from the first day, which we spent just strolling around.

The only camera I took with me – the Fuji X10 – proved pretty capable. The main issue I have with the Fuji is it eats the undersized batteries like crazy. I am not really used to emptying 2 batteries per day. An interesting point regarding the Fuji is the while I expected to use the viewfinder I discovered that it is not really usable. Otherwise – a very capable little camera. I intend to continue to test it more, and of course I still have a lot of photos to filter through.



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