Bruxelles in black & white

a small city where comic book characters sip strong Belgian beers with the tourists
Bruxelles is a small city where comic book characters sip strong Belgian beers with the tourists.
How to best describe Bruxelles? A tiny gem of a town, old buildings and new people or waffles and beers ? I really liked the few days I spent in Belgium – split between Bruxelles, Bruges and to neighboring Luxembourg. We were very lucky to have clement weather – a bit of rain, a lot of sunshine, some cold winds (which compared to the weather in Romania were very welcome).

Bruxelles is easily visited in 2 or 3 days, but it will probably take weeks if not months to discover all the hidden gems. And drink all the possible beers. And while I am sure one can see everything Bruxelles has to offer, I am not so certain about managing to drink all the possible beers. A lot of cities claim to be the best place to have a certain kind of food, sometimes rightly so but a lot of times it’s just tourist propaganda. However – Belgium and beer is another story. The moment you step inside a Belgian pub you step in another world – a better one, full of tasty, strong beers. I tried a lot of them, and finally settled on La mort subite, Duvel and Chimay bleu, yet I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the possibilities.

Besides beer gardens and pubs, bruxelles has a lot to offer: from impressive Euro buildings (the parliament is a huge multi-building complex that dwarfs you as a little EU citizen), to old quaint neighborhoods, to little Europe and the Atomium, to Grand Place (main square) and so on. Almost every little street and place in the city centre has a magic feel to it.

I started to upload some of the photos from this trip – enjoy this first set, focused on black and white.

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