biking in Ayuthaya

Ayuthaya – the old Thai capital – is just 1h30 by train from Bangkok. So after a morning spent at the Myanmar embassy applying for the visa I decided to spend the rest of the day doing a short trip to Ayuthaya. So off to the train station – which fortunatelly is just 2 MRT stations from where I have the hostel.

The train ride costs a whooping 15 baht (the metro costs 18, and a beer starts at 60 baht), and riding the 3rd class is an experience in itself (good one, just to be clear).

Once in Ayuthaya I discovered that seeing most of the temples can be done either with a tuk tuk ride,or by renting a bike, as the distances are too much for simply walking. So after 2 or 3 years of no riding I decided to test the old saying that “biking once learned is never forgotten.”. True saying by the way…

The downside to the bike ride is that I took very few photos – meaning less than 100 – but being able to visit most of the temples, the floating market, and a few out of the way areas was absolutely great.

I definitively intend to repeat the experience in other cities.

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