B’estfest first day

One word describes the first day at B’estfest: rain. Lots of it. Expanding a bit – rain, storm, thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…oh that’s from something else. The pouring rain was real though.

Having said that, the concerts were very nice, and I really enjoyed being there. The fact that I stayed after The Killers left the scene says it all. I missed The Snails – a RO band that has some nice songs, however I couldn’t leave office earlier. And the traffic was a nightmare. I arrived just in time for the Patrice concert. Last time when he was in Romania I could not attend it, but I knew he sounded good. And the show – somewhat short – was enjoyable. He also did an improvised (soon to be summer hit) “it’s rainin’ in Bucharest”. In the end the rain was too hard and he left the scene.

Before the next concert (White Lies), Catalina (thank God for that!) spotted some of the last rain ponchos given by the Romtelecom promoters. This lucky thing proved invaluable, as the rain continued all through the night. We met some friends – mostly colleagues from Orange – and I dutifully consumed a few beers (as I normally do at a concert). Keeping the rain outside my beer glass proved tricky though.

White Lies concert was good, not overwhelming though, but I will not hold that against them. I am no big fan. However The Killers really stole the show. They started in full force with “Human” and continued with all their hits. Some also from the new album, which sounded pretty fine. Oh when I said in full force – I meant it. The force of the bass was so great that my ears actually hurt. The fact that we stayed right in front of the scene, near the fence, made the thumping bass very close and personal. I had the impression that my hair was trying to jump from my head. Interesting sensations.

The concert ran it’s full length, and the crowd was extremely pleased with the performance. Not all the bands can pull a show with so much force and enthusiasm, especially when the fans are soggy and the rain is steadily pouring.

What I think so far about the festival?

  • I liked the fact the for once the promoters offered useful stuff
  • disliked even more the serving skills, or lack of, from the people serving drinks (maybe only personal experience?)
  • the sound was a bit too heavy on the bass so the concerts sounded a bit too rock-like
  • not much really changed from last year festival (it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it tends to get old)

The conclusion? Can’t wait to go to tonight’s concerts. Ayo, Motorhead, Moby…It’s going to be an amazing evening. Especially as it is raining now, so hopefully the clouds will finish their job before the start of the show.

And as a preview for tonights – a linky I received from Mihnea – Motorhead: Ace of Spades.

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