Agua Azul – the post without ruins

Agua Azul waterfalls Yes, this is going to be a post without pictures of buildings nor Mayan ruins. The second part of the trip seems to be moving towards a more nature-orientated part. At least for the moment. Or until Chichen Itza… Welcome to Agua Azul!

On the way to Palenque we passed the nice cascades of Agua Azul. Which literally translates to “azure water” – and that is not a misnaming. Maybe not as azure as the Caribbean sea, yet still pretty impressive in it’s azureness. The cascades are amazing, and came as a nice relaxing moment before the important place of Palenque. Agua Azul is advertised as a nice place to take a swim, but judging by the number of “do not swim” signs the authorities are not happy about people doing that.

At least I managed to get some nice pictures.

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