IMG_8340.jpgJoined the Holi festival in India and this is what happened.
Jaipur, India, 2011.

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Below are some short tidbits about me, my relationship with photography, travel and how the two mix (pretty well I would say):

  • I work in a corporate giant, but I dream about roaming the world
  • my first travel was to France in 1992 and that changed everything – for the first time I realized how big the world is (compared to ‘home’)
  • I discovered photography as a hobby pretty late, in our office, searching to do something besides work-university-parties
  • moved to digital photography quickly, Canon 300D got me hooked on the endless possibilities of photography
  • I started spending hours processing photos in Photoshop, and later on I discovered Lightroom
  • I mostly shoot with a DSLR – right now I use a Canon 550D with a 17-55 f2.8 lens but recently I acquired a Fuji X10 for more casual shooting
The question I receive the most is from where the money to travel, and how can I budget a trip. Or how did I win at Lotto, which is a hilarious way to say basically the same thing. This also ties pretty well to the most cited reason for not travelling: financial reasons. While there is no simple easy answer, talking a bit about my way of travelling should clear things up.
  • I hunt obsessively for low cost, promotional tariffs, from airlines – to the point that I decide on the destination based on what’s (cheaply) on offer
  • my best budget accomplishments were my trips to Mexico (450 Euro) and China (400 Euro). As the major airlines moved somewhat out of the deep financial troubles of 2009 – 2010 I haven’t been able to repeat these feats.
  • I stay mostly in hostels (dorm room accommodations), eat cheaply from street vendors or supermarkets (Western Europe) and travel a lot by local bus
  • while I occasionally splurge on things like a PADI diving course, train ride up Jungfraujoch and of course museums, amusement parks and parties I do not go on shopping sprees
My photographic style is not very defined, as I still experiment with different mediums, styles, environments, subjects.
  • at the moment I am very passionate, and I try to improve myself, in the area of street photography
  • I am of a (strong) opinion that a photograph without a human being is somewhat lacking
  • I started experimenting with portrait photography, and I try to learn techniques, angles, lightning settings, post processing ideas together with a few models
  • If you are interested in licensing an image, or organizing a photo-shoot, ordering a print or maybe just talk about photography or travel feel free to contact me at andrei.nicoara@gmail.com
I intend to grow this page with more information on photography and travel. If you feel I should talk more – in separate posts – regarding any of these subjects (or different ones) feel free to comment below.

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