a different look at the canal bridges in Venice

The classic photo of Venice is a composition with a gondolla, a bridge near the foreground and one or two palaces in the background. And of course I have countless images like this. However, like any city, Venice offers more. I also tried to glimpse some of the people living there and also catch more unusual imagery.

Today – a few photos from love locks on a bridge in Murano. Supposedly this Italian tradition started a few years ago in Rome, and represents eternal love (‘amore eterno’). Two lovers inscribe their name on a padlock, attach it to a railing or one of the many bridges and throw away the key. At one point There were talks to try to put a stop to this practice, as the weight of the padlocks put the flimsy bridges in danger. One could argue that a bridge sinking under the weight of so much love would be poetic, but probably cause a lot of headaches for the Venetians. As I didn’t pay a lot of attention to these locks, I only got a few pictures.


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